Mèreadesso Moments

Kim M's Mèreadesso Moment:

One afternoon, this past summer, I was using the Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm to soothe my skin after too many hours drying out in the sun. My 5 year old son saw me rubbing the balm into the skin on my upper chest, and announced (while pointing at my chest) "so that’s how you got them to grow like that"! After I stopped laughing (and hugging that precious child), we had to have a little chat on the differences between boys and girls. I also took the given opportunity to explain sun safety and the importance of taking care of one’s skin! Thank you Mereadesso for taking care of my skin and giving me a wonderful memory of childhood innocence to treasure.

Allana M's Mèreadesso Moment:

My Mèreadesso moment is one that my fiancé and I will laugh about for years to come.

We planned a romantic weekend to Niagara on the Lake. Ready to go, our road trip was on its way. Twenty minutes in, I realized I forgot my Mèreadesso All-In-One Moisturizer! I blurted out “I forgot the stove’s on!” and convinced him to turn back. I jumped out of the car and ran into the house to my vanity. As I turned to head back out, my beauty secret was blown. My fiancé was standing there with a smirk shaking his head. “Face cream?!” he said. Embarrassed and happy, we were en route again when he said “That cream is good stuff, babe!”

I laugh every time I tell this story.

Marie B's Mèreadesso Moment:

My “moment” is a very simple one. I was attending a charity event, and, in the gift bags that were handed out, were Lip Treats. I’m a middle-aged (and proud of it!) woman and stopped wearing red lipstick years ago, because even with lipliner, it would “bleed”. Now? It’s ON! Yay! With this product as a primer, my red lipstick and liner doesn’t budge for HOURS. Also, everyday milkier lipglosses tend to settle into lip lines... but not with Lip Treats underneath. Will definitely order more when I run out!

Lori K's Mèreadesso Moment:

I am a major beauty junkie. From the $5-$500 my wallet knows no bounds. I have a morning/evening routine of 7 products - talk about needing time to get ready!! When I heard about Mèreadesso being all in one I didn’t believe it, but I had to try it. I bought the cream and used just that for a month - I was blown away by the results! Because of Mèreadesso I have great skin but I am also in great shape. I have extra time in the morning for breakfast which gives me energy to work out. Who said skincare can’t work miracles!

Lorrie R's Mèreadesso Moment:

I remember one day, I was at the last luscious drops of the moisturizer and had not ordered my refill. I was rummaging through my kitchen drawers and then went to my bedroom where I preceded to open the beautiful bottle of moisturizer and pick out the last juicy drops left in the bottle with a wooden chopstick. My son walked by, raised his eyebrows, said nothing and walked off. I chuckled looking at myself in the situation, but little did he know his beautiful mothers’ day was made and I could calmly order more.... with beautifully moisturized dewy fresh skin.

Christine C's Mèreadesso Moment:

My somewhat funniest Mèreadesso moment was when my teenaged daughter took my Mèreadesso lip treatment from my vanity and decided to take it for herself as she does quite often with my cosmetics; albeit much to my chagrin! I questioned her about the whereabouts of the lip treatment and she ultimately fessed up that she took it and loved it and did not see why I needed it because I was middle aged ! I promply told my husband who did find this funny and had a chuckle on me but I had the last laugh as I took back my lip treatment and now I have a cosmetic box with a lock!

Tracey I's Mèreadesso Moment:

Catching my young daughter putting on Mommy’s cleanser and lotion (Mèreadesso). I use it faithfully so I guess she thought it was worth trying. Unfortunately my lotion was all over the vanity and at the time I was so upset. No one touches my Mèreadesso. Now it is hidden, away from unexpected visitors.

Kristin V's Mèreadesso Moment:

I was at dinner with a group of girlfriends who are all in their late 30’s, early 40’s. A friend commented that my skin looked great and youthful. She then asked if I had done Botox. I laughed and said no but I was using a new skin cream called Mèreadesso. My friends didn’t believe it was just that and said “no way, you must have had Botox, come clean and admit it!” That sealed the deal and I’ve been totally loyal to Mèreadesso ever since.

Kim F's Mèreadesso Moment:

I went out to a resort with my 21-year old son this weekend for a special event. The bartender asked me for my ID before serving me a drink to be sure I was “of age” but didn’t ask him! My son was standing there looking totally mad at me - I told him to shut up and showed the bartender my ID because he obviously has a very “keen eye” as my skin looked so radiant and youthful so I should be proofed. How could I possibly have a 21-year old kid? We all laughed and toasted Mèreadesso!

Gail C's Mèreadesso Moment:

My funniest Mèreadesso moment occurred shortly after sharing the hilarious Mèreadesso YouTube commercials, including “Oh My, there’s a good-looking guy at the door!” with friends, including my husband. I had been using Mèreadesso’s All-In-One Moisturizer for a week and had just arrived home, exhausted from work. As I stepped inside, there stood my husband, looking at me, mesmerized. I was about to ask what was wrong when, just like the commercial, his hand slowly reached out and he said “he...had...to touch...my...face.....” then planted one on me!! Ha haaaa! It was sooo funny! Needless to say, it made my day. His too...