Is Mèreadesso a “natural” skin care line?

There is currently no official definition or agreement with any regulatory agency in the world that has determined the criteria for calling a cosmetic product “all natural”. My products contain dozens of natural botanical extracts, I dare say more than any other skincare product on the market, and as such, many of my competitors would make the “natural skin care” claim if they sold my products, but I believe that is misleading to the consumer. In my opinion, if something is called “all natural” it needs to carry an expiry date and be stored in the fridge – like milk. Also, natural in this case by definition means “coming from or originating from nature” – keep in mind, there are a lot of things found in nature that would not be good for you or your skin – like bacteria, types of fungus, arsenic and mercury – for example. What the consumer regulatory agencies do require and agree upon internationally is that the consumer should be aware of all the ingredients in a product prior to purchasing, and that the product is stable, effective in all its claims and safe to use for up to 3 years. That is the part I can guarantee with Mèreadesso products. All of my ingredients have been sourced globally and have been chosen for their potency, purity, effectiveness and safety. All products have a 3 year shelf life. You decide for yourself upon reading the ingredients if you feel it is natural enough to meet your personal definition of the claim.

Is Mèreadesso an aging skin care line?

“Aging” became a very popular marketing label in the early 1990”s in the beauty industry – to the point that I believe it became overused and not as impactful to the consumer. We all age. You will have your birthday on the same day every year. I guess the key is how does your skin look and feel? All of my products contain as many antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and botanical ingredients as possible to support increased circulation, cell renewal rates and the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, they will help you to defy your chronological age. How honest you are at a cocktail party about your real age when people rave about your skin, well, that’s up to you.

Is the Mèreadesso product line unisex?

It absolutely can be used by both men and women. In fact, we have a very loyal and dedicated male following – especially for our All-In-One Moisturizer – which is aloe based and therefore fantastic after shaving to help calm razor burn and minor nicks and cuts. The products in the line are all straight forward. One moisturizer, one cleanser, one body moisturizer, one step, no skin typing or zones. The fragrances are clean and unisex. Also, the reality is, many of the men’s lines in the marketplace are actually the same formula as the women’s version just with a packaging and fragrance change. So if the guy in your life can get past sharing skin care products, let him know it is even a greater testament to them being secure in their man-hood – and that is very appealing.

Is your skin care line organic?

This is a very similar situation as the ’natural skin care line’ question. There are over 12 different organizations in the US, 3 in Canada, 9 in Europe and countless organizations in Asia that are all individually claiming to have the correct definition and criteria for a “organic” label for cosmetics. And they are happy to issue their seal of approval for a fee. There is no one defined regulatory standard. So, that generally means that many companies are taking advantage of the lack of formal rules and the public’s general confusion and throwing that label on everything. I think that is misleading and unethical. Having rules for your local grower of fruits and vegetables is understandable and clear. Having rules and making claims on all organic raw materials for cosmetics, not clear at all. For example, you could have a natural extract, a plant that was grown according to all the “organic growing” rules but if the essential oil was extracted from the plant using chemicals – ie in a non-organic method – I really don’t think you can continue to think of that source as organic any longer. I will say that all of the ingredients chosen for my formulas are of the highest grade and have been sourced for their efficacy, purity and potency with consumer safety and satisfaction always in mind.

Is the Mèreadesso line paraben free?

Yes, our products are paraben free – simple as that!

Is the Mèreadesso line sulfate free?
Yes, our products are sulfate free – simple as that!

Are Mèreadesso products tested on animals?
No, the only animals our products are tested on are willing human participants!